Growth Capital Investment

Midcoast Capital’s real estate business provides international, real estate investment opportunities as well as advisory services to clients across the Australian Region.

Investment in real estate assets, acquiring high-yielding income producing properties that will deliver both stable cash flows and capital appreciation.

In a global capital markets landscape marked by uncertainty, Midcoast Capital believes real estate offers long-term, healthy and stable returns and allows for a more diversified – and more secure – investment portfolio. This is why we invest opportunistically in real estate assets across Europe and North America, seeking to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our clients

  • Rental income focus: Investment in strategically-located assets, with high occupancy rates, suitable tenants and long-term leases.
  • Development focus: Real estate conversion through partnerships with leading developers, ultimately aiming for capital appreciation and an increase in yield.
  • Advisory services: On related transactions and opportunities, helping investors identify and execute real estate deals optimised according to their specific investment needs.

Our real estate arm is a truly diversified investment instrument – mitigating risk while targeting competitive returns and income-generating opportunities. We benefit from an extensive presence and partner network across our focus geographies, allowing us to identify promising opportunities and execute transactions that are tailored to a market’s individual nuances.

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We are moving our operations to BVI due to high taxation from our Australian regulators. Therefore applied to be deregistered after our yearly renewal done on March 23rd 2022.

Details of our new registration will be made available once we conclude the process.